Competency-Based Veterinary Education

At the end of October, Professor Stephen May attended a face-to-face meeting in Denver of the American Association of Veterinary Medical College’s Competency-Based Veterinary Education Working Group, which grew out of a Minnesota brainstorming meeting in 2015.  This group continues to be productive, releasing the third booklet that contributes to its CBVE framework for competency development.

Over the next year a series of publications will appear in this collaborative endeavour, following Molgaard et al (2019)’s paper in Medical Teacher:

Molgaard, L.K., Chaney, K.P., Bok, H.G.J., Read, E.K., Hodgson, J.L., Salisbury, S.K., Rush, B.R., Ilkiw, J.E., May, S.A., Danielson, J.A., Frost, J.S., Matthew, S.M. (2019)  Development of core entrustable professional activities linked to a competency-based veterinary education framework.  Medical Teacher,