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Lifelong, Independent Veterinary Education

LIVE is a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) based at the Royal Veterinary College, London.

"The LIVE Centre is a globally unique powerhouse for research and development in veterinary education. As its name suggests, its vision is a fundamental transformation of the veterinary and allied professions, breeding a generation who will be lifelong, independent learners from induction to retirement. LIVE’s multi-professional team focuses on developing and evaluating new tools for teaching, learning and assessment. Some originate in veterinary education itself, whilst others are cherry-picked from other disciplines and then adapted to work successfully in the veterinary milieu."
Paul Probyn, RVC Director of Learning and Wellbeing

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Latest News

  • PhD Success for Dr Liz Chan

    Congratulations are due to Liz Chan who successfully defended her PhD thesis, undertaken at King’s College London.  Liz’s research focused on the use of narrative inquiry to explore what is emerging …