LIVE is the only veterinary-themed Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) in the UK. It was established in 2005, following an award of £4.5 million from HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England).

LIVE is specifically focused on capturing and expanding best teaching and learning practice in veterinary education, both nationally and internationally through inter-professional collaboration.

What does LIVE do?

LIVE offers opportunities for the profession to look beyond the boundaries of veterinary education. The main focus of our work is aimed at:

  • Increasing learner independence by the incremental development of skills, and the further development of technology enhanced learning and assessment innovations
  • Enhancing the integration of theory and practice and developing new approaches to work-based learning within the profession
  • Providing new practical learning opportunities via expanded Clinical Skills Laboratories
  • Bringing evidence-based teaching and learning practices to:
    • develop frameworks and approaches to veterinary education to ensure that students become professional, reflective practitioners
    • enhance the generic life skills in veterinary communities of practice
    • advise teachers and practitioners in a way that supports innovation and effective delivery of veterinary education in the 21st Century
    • support the development of the veterinary workforce in higher education to promote the best learning outcomes for students
  • Contributing to wider discourses and dissemination of best professional development practice

Location and Amenities

The LIVE centre is based at the Hawkshead campus in Potters bar. It provides a bright, spacious and modern teaching and learning environment for a wide range of users including:

  • 644m² of new teaching and learning space
  • The Clinical skills centre is housed within the LIVE building. It comprises two laboratories managed and run by four members of staff with differing specialist backgrounds and experience.
  • Break-out spaces equipped and staffed to support the development of generic communication skills
  • Dedicated learning labs to conduct innovative research into technology enhanced learning
  • An attractive venue and resource for a wide range of stake-holders in veterinary and inter-professional teaching and learning

The People

LIVE, headed by Stephen May (RVC Deputy Principal and Vice Principal - Teaching), is staffed by an inter-disciplinary team comprising academic and support specialists who work in tandem with nominated clinical and advisory staff within the RVC and broader veterinary and CETL networks.

Photo from left to right: (back row) Mr Kim Whittlestone, Miss Tierney Kinnison, Mrs Faye Davies, Mrs Kirsty Fox, Mrs Carrie Roder, Mrs Maureen Taylor, Mrs Elizabeth Chan & Dr Ayona Silva-Fletcher. (front row) Mr Jeff Bullock, Mrs Lucy Jackson, Professor Stephen May, Mrs Martha Rodman, & Mr Peter Nunn.