LIVE (Lifelong Independent Veterinary Education) is the only veterinary-themed Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the UK.  The Centre was established in 2005 with a £4.5 million grant from the Higher Education Funding Council for England.

LIVE is a department of the Royal Veterinary College, London, specifically focused on identifying, developing and expanding best practice in veterinary education both nationally and internationally through interprofessional collaboration.

What do we do?

LIVE is the hub of a community of practitioners.  Our work is extremely varied, including:

  • Advising teachers and practitioners in supporting innovation and effective delivery of contemporary veterinary education
  • Supporting the integration of theory and practice in teaching, and developing best practice in work-based learning
  • Encouraging the development of professional, reflective practice in our students
  • Running the RVC's unique MSc in Veterinary Education (and component parts including the Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma)
  • Providing staff development and training at all levels; from our introductory Teaching and Learning in Higher Education course for PhD students and postdocs at the start of their teaching careers, through CPD and the CertAVP to professional doctorates in all aspects of veterinary and allied education and training
  • Developing high-quality technology-enhanced teaching, learning and assessment innovations for use within the RVC and around the world
  • Providing unparalleled practical learning opportunities with fully-equipped Clinical Skills Laboratories and their expert staff
  • Developing an evidence base of robust pedagogical research in the veterinary and allied fields
  • Disseminating best practice from our work and contributing to wider discourses of professional education

What's inside?

The LIVE centre is based at the RVC's Hawkshead campus near Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. It provides a bright, spacious and modern teaching and learning environment for a wide range of users:

  • A total of 644m² of teaching and learning space
  • The Clinical Skills Centre, two large laboratories run by staff with differing specialist backgrounds and experience
  • The Educational Development team, who support students in key areas of their academic studies
  • Break-out spaces to support the development of communication skills by, for example, setting up a mock consultation room
  • A wide range of print journals and books

Who are we?

LIVE is headed by Professor Stephen May, RVC Deputy Principal and Professor of Veterinary Education.  The LIVE team is interdisciplinary; comprising academic, practice and support specialists who work in tandem with clinical, scientific and advisory staff both within the RVC and with networks of professionals around the world.

Professor Stephen May     Prof Ayona Silva-Fletcher   Mr Kim Whittlestone       Mrs Elizabeth Armitage-Chan

Ms Ruth Serlin               Dr Claire Vinten

Mrs Kirsty Fox
                  Dr Hannah Perrin         Miss Jane Davidson

 Mrs Maureen Taylor

Clinical Skills Centre staff:

Mrs Nicki Coombes                Ms Alison Langridge      Mrs Fiona Handyside-Brown

Dr Larissa Campos Aquino              Dr Amy Barstow