Creative skills on show at PGCert Vet Ed workshop day

16 delegates from the RVC and across the UK met this week for the sixth workshop in our year-long Postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Education.  The topic this month was Developing Learning Materials; led by LIVE staff Kim Whittlestone, Ruth Serlin and Hannah Perrin; and Charlotte Lawson, Senior Lecturer from CBS, who demonstrated some of the fantastically creative learning materials she uses with undergraduate bioscience students.

The day also included sessions on Specific Learning Differences and creating inclusive learning materials; and discussion of the challenges of creating and using appropriate learning materials in different teaching environments - whether a biosciences lab, dissecting room or working consult room.


Thinking about the learning value of creativity!  This exercise also raised interesting points about the importance of interaction when learning about dynamic processes, and the impact of the tactile properties of the materials used.

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