LIVE staff will feature at 2017 Veterinary Education conference

The programme for the 2017 Veterinary Education Conference, hosted by the University of Liverpool, has been released and features many of our staff giving presentations and leading workshops. 

In particular, Hannah Perrin's paper has been selected as the featured presentation in the 'Careers and Employability' strand; and Claire Vinten's paper (co-Authored with Liz Mossop of Nottingham Vet School) will be the featured paper in the 'Transitions Through The Course' strand. 

The full list of papers and workshops being led by LIVE Centre members is below, and the full conference programme is available here

We hope to see you in Liverpool in July!

Poster Presenters from the LIVE Centre:

Liz Chan, Stephen May, Tierney Kinnison, Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Hannah Perrin & Claire Vinten

Armitage-Chan E, May S: “The environment and developing identity: reorganising the onion”

Bostock R, Kinnison T, May S: Mindset and its relationship to anxiety in veterinary students prior to rotations”

Kinnison T, May S: “Non-technical competencies continuing professional development can change reluctance, unease and stress into stimulation, confidence and harmony”

Kinnison T, Silva-Fletcher A, Kalupahana R, Thuranira-McKeever C: “Impact of international distance learning veterinary postgraduate education”

*Perrin HC: “What are veterinary employers looking for from new veterinary graduates? A content analysis of UK veterinary job adverts”

*Vinten C, Mossop L: “Using simulation to develop clinical reasoning in veterinary students”

*Hannah and Claire’s papers have both been selected as featured presentations in the VetEd programme

Workshop Leaders from the LIVE Centre:

Liz Chan, Tierney Kinnison, Hannah Perrin, Claire Vinten & Kim Whittlestone

Armitage-Chan E: “Curriculum interventions to support professional reasoning”

Krekeler N, Jabbar A, Saaed M, Whittlestone K, Mossop L: “The use and implementation of ePortfolios in veterinary education”

Kinnison T, Perrin HC: “Discussing veterinary education/profession postgraduate qualifications”

Perrin HC: “Innovative research methods: Beyond surveys and interviews”

Vinten C: “Ontology, epistemology, methodology, oh my!”