Madras Veterinary College visit

 Launch of the under the British Council Knowledge Economy Partnership – Royal Veterinary College and Madras Veterinary College.

Dr Ayona Silva-Fletcher, Dr Jill Maddison and Dr Christine Thuranira- McKeever have been involved in developing a joint Moodle platform (Global Vet Academy) to deliver online e-courses for continuous professional development programmes in veterinary and animal sciences with the Madras Veterinary College. The project was part of the Knowledge Economy Partnership (British Council) grant that was awarded to both institutions. There was a launch event for the project and the platform was launched in June 2015 in Madras Veterinary College, Chennai, India. Dr Ayona Silva-Fletcher was present at the launch event together with the Head of British Council, India and the Vice Chancellor of Madras Veterinary College. More details at: