New textbook: "Veterinary Clinical Skills Manual"

The second of our new textbooks due in 2018 is now available for pre-order! 

The "Veterinary Clinical Skills Manual", edited by LIVE's Prof Ayona Silva-Fletcher and Nicki Coombes, Manager of the RVC's Clinical Skills Centre is a book and video package providing step-by-step guidance on the essential clinical skills required of veterinary students before they face real clinical practice.  Many of the occupants of the LIVE building have contributed to the project including educationalists from the LIVE Centre, veterinary nurses from the Clinical Skills Centre, and colleagues from across the College.

Sections include:

  • Introduction and pedagogy of veterinary clinical skills
    • Learning theory, curriculum design and clinical skills centre models
  • Surgical and theatre skills (ed. Fiona Brown RVN)
    • Theatre practice, surgical instruments, suturing
  • Anaesthesia skills (ed. Fiona Brown RVN)
    • The anaesthetic machine, breathing systems, intubation, monitoring
  • Principles and good practice in the laboratory (ed. Alison Langridge RVN)
    • Sample collection and preparation, microscopy, urine and faecal analysis
  • General clinical skills (ed. Alison Langridge RVN)
    • Physical examination, fluid therapy, tubes and drains, bandaging, pharmacy
  • Patient handling and diagnostics (ed. Isobel Vincent)
    • Animal handling principles, diagnostic imaging
  • Large animal skills (ed. Isobel Vincent)
    • Udder health, equine procedures, equine shoe removal
  • Assessment of clinical skills (ed. Nichola Coombes)
    • Practical assessments, OSCEs
  • Moving forward
    • Simulators, skills models, transition from skills lab to real world

The book is published by CABI and will be available from 15th May 2018.  Further details are available here.