Series of articles on veterinary teamwork published

A two part series of articles has been published regarding veterinary teamwork. The articles have arisen from the PhD research of Tierney Kinnison, supervised by Professor Stephen May (RVC) and Professor David Guile (IOE,UCL). The papers use a novel methodology, Social Network Analysis (SNA) to research interactions within veterinary teams. Particular attention was paid to interprofessional interactions between vets and other key members of the team, such as veterinary nurses, receptionists and administrators.

The details of the papers are as follows:

Kinnison, T., May, S.A., Guile, D. 2015. Veterinary team interactions, part one: the practice effect. Veterinary Record: 177, 419.

Kinnison, T., Guile, D., May, S.A. 2015. Veterinary team interactions, part two: the personal effect. Veterinary Record: 177, 541.