LIVE Student Presentation Prize

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Each year the LIVE Centre gives undergraduate students the chance to win some funding to assist them with attending conferences and symposiums. Undergraduates are encouraged to write abstracts and posters to present at upcoming conferences and then submit them to the conference body for consideration. If successful, the LIVE Centre will then offer the students upto £250 towards their conference registration or travel fees.

The LIVE Centre funds three of these awards each year, one per term. Often there is more than one submission per term and the LIVE 'judging panel' must select who to award that terms funding to. It is important to highlight that these Student Presentation Prizes are all aimed at Undergraduates, funding for Undergrads is limited therefore giving LIVE the opportunity to try and fill this gap.

One award will be given for each term (though on occassion we have been able to increase this number):

  • 2019 Autumn Term (Sept-Dec)
  • 2020 Spring Term (Jan-Apr)
  • 2020 Summer Term (May-Aug)

This prize is restricted to RVC undergraduates only.

Once you have received confirmation that your project/poster has been accepted for presentation at an upcoming conference, then you should email your abstract/poster to Sonal Shah , Your work will then be judged accordingly, depending on when the conference is, it will be entered into either the Autumn, Spring or Summer term.


2020 Winners

Jan-April, presented at British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Congress, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Emily Whitby: Starvation associated refeeding syndrome in missing cats: 10 cases

2019 Winners

Sept-Dec, presented at 2019 American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) Conference, USA

Sonal Patel:  Blood Smear Examination Alongside Automated Haematology Analysis in First-opinion Practice- How Feasible is it? Online Survey Analysis

Sept-Dec, presented at 73rd Association for Veterinary Teaching and Research Work (AVTRW), Edinburgh, United Kingdom and British Veterinary Zoological Society (BVZS), Manchester, United Kingdom

Dylan Yaffy:  Transmission Dynamics of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Among Multiple Waterfowl Species and Poultry: The Impact of Migration Timing

Sept-Dec, presented at British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA), Southport, United Kingdom

Rachey Garty:  Analysis of genetic variation in the SLC11A1 gene in Holstein Friesian and Brown Swiss cattle, its influence on the expression of NRAMP1 and potential association with resistance to bovine tuberculosis

May-August, presented at International Symposium of the Veterinary Schools Council (VetEd), Harpenden, United Kingdom

Lane Simonim:  Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction in the Veterinary Profession

Jan-April, presented at British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Congress, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Zoie Ballantyne:  Getting Under the Skin of West Highland White Terriers Using Primary Practice Clinical Data

Jan-April, presented at British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Congress, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Christopher Ray:  A retrospective study into the association between survival time and markers of renal dysfunction and heart failure severity in dogs with acute congestive heart failure.


2018 Winners

May - Aug, presented at International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) 52nd Congress, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Kate Ellen:  A qualitative study investigating opinions of pig producers; antimicrobial resistance, husbandry practices and antibiotic use


2017 Winners

Sept - Dec, presented at the American College of Veterinary Pathologists Annual Conference in Vancouver 2017

Lucie Stratton Seasonal Variation of Grey Squirrel Testes is produced by mechanisms distinct from age related testicular regressions 

Faye Rawson 'Muscle fibre size in the deltaE50-MD Canine Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Model' - poster to follow shortly.

Jan - Apr, presented at the Endorcine Society's ENDO2017 Conference

Jacob Regan   molecular and Pharmacological Consequences for the Natriuretic Peptide System During Hyperammonaemia in Rat C6 Glioma Cells: Implications for Hepatic Encephalopathy 


2016 Winners

Aug - Dec, presented at the 19th meeting of the European Study Group on the Molecular Biology of Picornaviruses 

Luca Fortuna 'DPrevelance of FOXP3 Cells in Canine Tumours and Lymph Noves Positively Correlates with Glucose Transporter 1 Expression' and our second winner for this term was Bethany Charlton, ' Characterisation of monoclonal antibody resistant poliovirus mutants by deep sequencing analysis' 

Jan - Apr, presented at the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA)

Josh Relf   'The impact of hypoxia on regulatory T cells in canine cancer & inflammation'


2015 Winners

Sept - Dec, presented at the International Veterinary Simulation in Teaching Conference (InVest)

Johanna Sharples. Validation of a simulator for the supplementary teaching of farriery skills to veterinary students

May - Aug, presented at the Canine Genetics and Behaviour Conference

Monica Anghaei. 'Can we breathe easy about Brachycephalic Obstructive Aiway Syndrom? Effects of Severity on Canine Play, Exercie and Feeding Behaviour'

Jan - Apr, presented at the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA)

Rachel Lampe. 'Are you breathing? Non-contact respiratory monitoring of resting dogs'


2014 Winners

Sept - Dec, presented at the British Equine and Veterinary Congress (BEVA)

Rachel Agass. 'The relationship between foot conformation, foot placement and motion aymmetry in the Equine hind limb'

Jan - Apr, presented at The British Society of Animal Science (BSAS)

Imogen Walker. 'Assessment of variation in movement symmetry measure in horses between trials, days and weeks based on inertial measurement units'


2013 Winners

May - August, presented at the European Society of Veterinary Oncology Congress

Andy Banerjee. 'Evaluation of metronomic chemotherapy using low dose cyclophosphamide in dogs with solid tumours' and abstract.

Jan - April, presented at The British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) & The Association for Veterinary Teaching and Research Work (AVTRW)

Lucy Sprackman. ' Is there a relationship between wedging of the small tarsal bones and osteoarthritis of the associated joints?'


2012 Winners

Sept - Dec, presented at the British Equine Veterinary Congress (BEVA)

Lauren Hamstead 'Retrospective Study of Early Pregnancy Loss in Thoroughbred Mares'

May - Aug, presented at the International Conference on Canine and Equine Locomotion (ICEL)

James Evans 'The relationship between speed and stride frequency in racehorses with and without catastrophic limb fractures'

Jan - Apr, presented at the Bristish Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) annual conference.

Rihanna Wells 'Acute Kidney Injury in acute heart failure in dogs and cats '