LIVE Teaching Development Fund

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The aim of the LIVE Teaching Development Fund is to encourage and reward excellence in teaching, particularly via the introduction and development of best practice to promote student learning. 

This is achieved by each year awarding funding to RVC staff to undertake small-scale (up to two years) educational development and/or educational research projects, based around their own teaching responsibilities.

Each year there is one team prize on offer, up to the value of £10,000, to fund the purchase of both equipment and non-academic staff time.

The call for proposals goes out in April/May each year and the submissions are reviewed by a panel comprising: the Principal; the Senior Vice-Principal; the Vice-Principal for Learning, Teaching and Assessment; the Chair of the Teaching Quality Committee; a previous prize winner; a representative of the LIVE Centre; and the President of the Students' Union Society.  Prize winners are notified of their success in late June, with a two year project completion time frame.

Applications should follow the Rules and Regulations set out below, and should be sent to Sonal Shah via

LTDF Rules and Regulations 2019

Information for 2020 to follow!


LIVE Teaching Development Fund Prize Winners:

2019 Award

Development of Virtual Reality learning materials to prepare undergraduate students for practical and field-based study

Dr Charlotte Lawson, Senior Lecturer, Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Dr Sarah Channon, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy

Dr Troy Gibson, Senior Lecturer in Animal Welfare Science

Dr Darryl Slack, Brunel University

2019 Application


2018 Award:

RVC InterPOD: Design, implementation and evaluation of an interprofessional orientation and development programme for veterinary and veterinary nursing students

Rachel Lumbis, Lecturer in Veterinary Nursing 

Jackie Cardwell, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology

Tierney Kinnison, Lecturer in Education

Mandi de Mestre, Reader in Reproductive Immunology

Jill Maddision, Professor of General Practice

2018 Application


2017 Award:
"Vets: Fit for Life!" Helping Veterinary Students to Develop Healthy Exercise Habits
Renate Weller, Professor of Comparative Imaging and Biomechanics
Jake Thackray, Sports & Wellbeing Centre Manager
Andrew Rose, Undergraduate, BVetMed5
Charles Mays, Undergraduate, Students' Union President
Rob Fowkes, Reader in Comparative Endocrinology
Meisha Micklewright, Undergraduate, BVetMed5
Rachel Davis (External - Professional and Life Coach)
Jackie Cardwell, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology

Fit for Life Report


2016 Award:
The three 'Rs' of Veterinary Professionals: Resilient, Reflective and 'Ar'tistic 
Elizabeth Chan, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Education
Elizbeth Jackson, Lecturer in Veterinary Business
Anke Hendricks, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Dermatology

Three Rs Report


2015 Award:
An integrated physical and virtual library of anatomical cross sections and diagnostic images
Sarah Channon, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy
Andrew Crook, Head of Anatomy Service
Sarah Nicoll, Anatomy Demonstrator
Sonya Powney, Learning Resources Developer
Ben Audsley, VLE Manager
Renate Weller, Professor of Comparative Imaging and Biomechanics

2014 Award:
Development of non-techinical skills in the BVetMed curriculum
Dominic Barfield, Lecturer in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care
Elizabeth Chan, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Education
Dan Chan, Professor of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

2013 Awards:
@VetQs: An Interprofessional Veterinary Twitter Forum for Teaching, Revision and Lifelong Peer Communications
Thomas Witte, Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery
Martin Whiting, Lecturer in Veterinary Ethics
Hilary Orpet, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Nursing
Kim Whittlestone, Senior Lecturer in Independent Learning
Peter Nunn, eLearning Developer

Development of a Virtual Veterinary Stethoscope
Virginia Luis Fuentes, Professor of Veterinary Cardiology
Chris Trace, eMedia Developer
Sonja Powney, Learning Resources Developer
Adrian Boswood, Professor of Veterinary Cardiology
Brian Cox, Multimedia Developer

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